HanziQ is a Chinese hanzi flashcard program which was created in around 2003/4 for the first generation of mobile phones which ran apps using Java Micro Edition (JME/J2ME). It based on KanjiQ, which was for Japanese characters.

It creates a set of simulated hanzi “cards” based on a particular set, and the user must use their hanzi knowledge progress through them. With progress-saving, the user can dip-in whenever they want, which makes it ideal for turning spare moments into something producive.

Since a small number of people still seem to be downloading this in 2022, I’ve included the original download links here.

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100 Most Common Simplified JAD JAR

100 Most Common Traditional JAD JAR

Thanks to:

  • Thomas Chin et al for providing the CCDICT hanzi database which was invaluable in the construction of HanziQ.
  • Nannan Zhang for her fantastic help and advice.