PhormX is a Java-based “application framework” which allows developers to deploy their apps to multiple technology platforms without having to write a separate version for each. PhormX has its own 2D/3D multi-touch UI, making it independent of the UI system of the platform it’s running on.

Note that we have of course heard of Unity3D, but PhormX was up-and-running before Android Unity was a viable option, and we ended up sticking with it. 🙂

PhormX currently supports:

  • Java Standard Edition (JSE)
  • Android (Google Play and Amazon Appstore)
  • Oculus Quest (Android native SDK)
  • iOS

Code conversion available to:

  • Objective-C (using J2ObjC)
  • C# (using Sharpen)
  • Javascript (using GWT, although not currently maintained)